Nothing is more American than Baseball. Sometimes, duty calls the bravest Americans to a not very American place. They leave the comfort of their lives and families behind to go fight for America’s freedom, and they do so without so much as a gripe or a raised eyebrow. Operation: GLove realizes that although these brave men and women rush off to protect democracy, they are still human beings. Human beings with human thoughts and human emotions. They miss home. A recent study by the Dept. of Veteran Affairs shows that there are currently 22 men and women PER DAY that are either current or former combat veterans taking their own lives due to the onset of homesickness and/or depression. Every little bridge to their home lives will help to provide some normalcy and comfort that would help help prevent the dark thoughts from creeping in. Our troops have many occasions were they are ordered to run off urgently, only to sit out in the middle of nowhere for hours and sometimes days with nothing to do while they wait for their next orders. A baseball glove and baseball make for an excellent gift, as they would not take up much space, they’re lightweight, and easily portable. Just 2 gloves, and a game of catch ensues. A great song was once written by Jack Norworth and Albert Von Tilzer in 1908 called “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”. Well Operation: GLove wants to take the ballgame to our personnel in uniform. Just because the American soil is absent doesn’t mean that the warm, happy memories of a more innocent time of Little League, a High School playoff game, sunflower seeds, and bubble gum shouldn’t be allowed in. A simple game of catch goes a long, long way. Operation: GLove has an annual goal to collect 2500 gloves, 1250 baseballs and $15,000 each baseball season. This will take YOUR time and the gifts of YOUR money… But really, it will take just take a little bit of YOUR HEART. If we could just save 1 life… Imagine.